Different Massage Techniques that Massage Chair Pad Offers

Different types of massage chair pads will use different types of massaging techniques on your body. Many of these chair pads will feature multiple massage techniques to choose from depending on what you prefer or require at the moment. Here are the basic massage techniques offered by massage chair pads and these are loved one in massage lovers:

Vibration therapy:

A vibration massage involves vibration of your muscles as the name suggests. While a massage therapist uses his or her palms and fingertips to vibrate your muscles, a massage chair pad uses a vibratory motor to produce vibrations and transfer them to the muscles of your body. Most massage chair pads will offer this type of massage and it is highly effective in healing your pain and in relieving stress. It also improves blood flow across your muscles, improves your posture and lets you enjoy a better sleep.

Shiatsu Massage:

Shiatsu is a technique used in Japanese massage in which the therapist applies pressure on certain points across your back to release certain energies inside your body which offer multiple benefits. A massage chair pad will bring about the same effect with the help of massage nodes instead of the therapist’s fingers. This type of massage offers many benefits including relief from stress, improved digestion, relief from muscle stiffness, improved blood circulation, wrinkle-free skin and much more.

Heat Therapy:

Many massage chair pads use heating elements to produce a heated massage which will enhance the effect of any massage therapy that the chair pad is applying on your back. A heated massage improves blood circulation, soothes your body and mind, reduce any inflammation in your joints or muscles and helps with a faster recovery from an injury.

Rolling Massage:

Massage chair pads use the massaging nodes inside their structure to lift your skin and roll it while they move vertically through your spinal column. This type of massage heals pain, helps those suffering from arthritis, helps recover faster from an injury, relaxes the muscles and improves your sleep.

Kneading Massage:

Kneading is a massage technique which targets your tissues. A massage chair pad uses massage nodes to squeeze and compress the tissues that connect the bones inside your body. There are several benefits of this type of massage. It will improve the flexibility of your muscles, relieve you from the pain in your muscles, improve the growth of your muscles, relieve anxiety and much more.


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